Thursday, June 17, 2010

Please be sure to READ of our policies BEFORE coming to visit our farm or purchasing anything.

1. We DO NOT offer delivery service for live birds. Each pick up at the farm by appointment only.
2. All sales by appointment only.
3. We prefer to sell the keets / poults / chicks at 1 week old to make sure they are eating and drinking properly and are healthy and active. We practice a minimum order for each transaction of at least 10 keets / poults / chick.
4. All confirmed order will need 50% deposit payment.
5. All free range poultry and fowl will need payment in full upon scheduling pick up, no refunds or exceptions.
6. We DO NOT accept returns of animals or any meats.
7. We DO NOT warranty animals.
8. We assume no responsibility with livestock once it leaves our farm.
9. All animals are sold healthy and as is.
10. You and or the carrier you hire are responsible for the health and safety of livestock purchased once it leaves our farm.
11. Due to health concerns and for the safety of our herds & flocks, we CAN NOT accept returns under circumstances.

Saturday - Sunday @ 10a.m - 5p.m
Other hours by appointment only.

We must mention we are working farm. Sorry we cannot offer public tours due to safety reasons. We only offer animals for sale and cannot offer farm tours.

If you want to learn more about farming or have farming related questions, please do not call us but refer to the Jabatan Veterinar website to learn more about raising animals and self sufficient farming. We only offer some instruction about the basic care after you purchase one our animals though we strongly suggest you to visit the suitable website to learn more.

You are welcome to call or Email for pricing and availability, place an order or have a question.